CO Bar Round Up


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For many years, Bill had expressed a desire to create a triptych but had never had the time to do so. Bill believed that for a triptych to be done properly, the creation is not simply a single scene cut into three pieces. Instead, his belief has always been that in order to be a true triptych, each piece must be able to stand alone, complete in design and composition. When the three pieces of the creation are hung together, they come together to create one large scene. Bill very much enjoyed the challenge of this creation, completed for the 2004 Cowboy Artists of America Sale and Exhibition. CO Bar Roundup takes place on the historic Babbitt Ranches, one of Bill’s favorite ranches to paint for most of his professional career.


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15"x 18" 24"x 18" 15"x 18", 20"x 24" 32"x 24" 20"x 24"


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