The Race by Bill Owen


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Bill was often asked why he doesn’t paint women, and it usually seems to be as a way of insinuating that it has something to do with his perhaps being chauvinistic. Although Bill is old-school in many ways, he is tremendously respectful of women and their place in society. Bill felt drawn and compelled, long ago, to embark on a mission to chronicle the lives and work of the contemporary cowboy, obtaining research on working ranches. Therefore, during those works, there have seldom been women to portray in his art. Then, on one of Bill’s visits to the CO Bar Ranch to obtain research, the Ranch Foreman, Vic Howell’s daughter, Cassandra, helped throughout the day. At the end of the day she challenged her father and cousin, Everett Ashurst, to a race, knowing her horse was really fast. Bill overheard and had them hold off until he could get his camera equipment set up. The result is Cassandra winning the race. Now when Bill is asked why he doesn’t paint women, he is happy to tell them about this piece.

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