Ranches usually have spring and fall roundups, sometimes called, The Works. These roundups can take months on very large ranches. In this piece, the cowboys of the CO Bar Ranch in northern Arizona made an early morning roundup and are in the process of changing horses at noon. As is the way with good cowboys, everything is done in an organized, orderly manner. Without being told, some cowboys stayed with the herd of cattle, while the others took the saddles off their tired horses and turned them into the remuda the horse wrangler has brought in. They then formed a round corral with their ropes in-hand, and as each cowboy calls out the name of the fresh horse he will ride that afternoon, the wagon boss ropes and brings it to him. In this painting the horses have been turned out all summer, and are fresh, fat, and feeling good; so there are most always some bronc rides. Once the cowboy has his horse saddled, he will take a place at the herd of cattle, so another cowboy can leave to get his fresh horse. This same exchange then takes place so the cowboys each have their turn eating at the chuck wagon. They will then proceed with the afternoon work ahead of them, sorting and branding the herd.